Tales of Achar: PC: Aaron Hilton

Player: Mark

Class: Cleric 5 of Acharis

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Based at the Temple of Acharis in Achar, reporting to Underpriest Elleron.

Notes: Jan. 23, 2001

As I explained before, he's a human cleric of St. Cuthburt or equivalent god of Law/Justice - lawful neutral. If you want, I can create some general details of how this religion is organized, or I can leave that to you. Perhaps he is already on the hunt for some minor deserter or offender of the faith? Perhaps he is mearly out on a quest to broaden his experience in the real world and understand the injustice and lawlessness that reigns? Perhaps something else...

Notes: Feb. 15, 2001

So here's my thought to elaborate on the below. Aaron Hilton of Achar has been sent from the fortress-city of Achar (?!), a town built by the Church of Acharis. It contains the most major and elaborite temple of justice. People looking for clean living and safety settle there as government corruption is low and the laws are strictly and swiftly (if mercilessly) enforced. (model being towards a Singapore city state if you will) Law enforcement in the city is run by the devoted brotherhood and most acolytes spend time in that service as part of their training.

Aaron, having graduated from the typical 0th level gate guard, is the escort to Jerham, the official emmisary (NPC) sent by the church - higher level priest (in terms of rank) but not necessarily a fighter of any kind. The mission was to make contact with (name to be determined), and determine the size of the problem so that an appropriate force could be sent from Achar and/or hired locally to deal with it. Aaron himself is no diplomat. In fact, his superiors at the church have sent him along not only as an armed escort, but to learn a few things about diplomacy. He doesn't necessarily get the fact that, while faith and zeal are important, so also is tact and knowing when to hold your tongue.

I think we'll do without Jerham. The little settlement of Woodflow has a population of less than 50, so the church would not send out anyone too high level on what is essentially a fact-finding mission. Let's have the church send out Aaron as the official representative, figuring that he'll quickly learn some tact as he deals with "the real world". Besides, they rationalize that the settlers are predominantly worshippers of Charis, so they'll be willing to show grace when Aaron slips up.

Through the church's contacts, a professional (if inexperienced) spy was hired (Dill). Posing as a musician in the emmisary's party, his task is to not only personally size up the opposition while the church diplomats meet, but to keep an eye out for trechery on the side of (name to be determined). The church is generally trusted, but what is the true motivation of the town government? Dill's specialty is sneaking behind enemy lines and getting counts of troops etc. The party itself is fairly small with a few pack animals and a couple of acolytes (who believe Dill to be a musician - only Aaron and Jerham know his true purpose).

So, the party will consist of Aaron and Dill only. The church provides them with horses (to be returned later), and a very small amount of spending cash for expenses. They expect the two of them to assess the situation in Woodflow first. If they feel they can handle it, they are encouraged to do so. If they need to obtain some extra muscle for the task, they are to try to arrange that through the Charians. Given the Charian church's non-martial stance, they will most likely try to arrange a reward for anyone who helps as opposed to issuing some sort of call to arms. Only if they feel they are in totally over their heads are they to send for reinforcements from the church.

This brings us to the approach of the town. Do we arrive there unhassled and have to work through the negotiations? Do we run into trouble (perhaps joining or being joined by a group of travling elves)? Does the Jerham somehow get taken out of the picture and Aaron have to step up? May be they make it in one piece, but Aaron makes an honest, but very undiplomatic, remark that has the emmisary send him away with Dill to do some patroling... You get the picture...

I think we will assume a safe journey to the town, unless you want the party to meet before they arrive. If so, then we can have an encounter before they get there. See my next email to the group regarding this.

One other thing...a cleric using a dagger?