Chapter Two: Hierarchies of Power

The Church of Achar

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Powers of the Mythal

The mythal detects the alignment of visitors and marks chaotic beings with a pale green spiral on the left cheek. Evil beings are also marked: a red seven-pointed star appears on the right cheek. These marks take effect when visitors pass through the shimmering barrier of the mythal, and disappear as soon as the visitors leave.


Excerpted and adapted from Manual of the Planes, pp. 176-179.

Summoned from the Realm Beyond, inevitables are servants of Acharis whose sole aim is to enforce Law. Two types of inevitable exist in Achar, the zelekhuts and the kolyaruts. These beings are actually not alive, but are otherworldly constructs imbued with life by spirits of Law. They serve the priesthood, but may be placed under the command of the civil law enforcement agency.

Zelekhuts (ze-le-kuts) are charged with hunting down those who would deny justice-especially those who flee to escape punishment. They appear as centauroid clockwork constructs with ornate golden armour over alabaster skin. They wield two spiked chains that spring forth from its forearms. Golden metallic wings emerge from their backs on command. One zelekhut is stationed at each city gate, and the remaining 56 patrol the city along the streets and in the air.

Kolyaruts (kol-ya-ruts) represent the ultimate enforcement clause in a contract-they mete out punishment to those who break bargains and oaths. They hunt down everyone from unscrupulous merchants to army deserters. Anyone who reneges on a deal could draw the ire of a kolyarut, although the creatures usually ignore inconsequential deals and rashly sworn oaths.

Before beginning a mission against a deal-breaker, the kolyarut learns as much about the contract or oath as possible. It's not interested in those who break deals accidentally or against their will-only those who willingly break contracts violate the principles that kolyaruts are created to uphold. If a written contract was broken, the kolyarut typically carries a copy of the contract with it.

Kolyaruts appear as clockwork humanoids dressed in flowing red robes and ornate golden armour. They are talkative, making credible attempts at social niceties before getting down to the matter at hand. If necessary, they use alter self to appear as almost any humanoid. Kolyaruts are available from the church to act as witnesses to the signing of contracts. They take a copy of the contract with them back to the church, and are thereafter responsible for tracking down and punishing any party that breaks the contract.

The Guild of Acquisitors and Infiltrators (The Faceless Ones)

Recognizing that there will always be those involved in shady, underhanded dealings, and that law enforcement requires a good information gathering force, the city leaders founded the Guild of Acquisitors and Infiltrators. The Faceless Ones, as they are commonly known, work closely with the city watch at their leadership levels, but the rank and file of both organizations are allowed to deal with each other in the traditional way: as adversaries. This is to encourage the best possible performance of both groups, and complex system of bonuses and fines is used as incentive for both groups to work hard at their jobs.

The guildmaster of the Faceless Ones is known as The Upright Man. He is not necessarily the best (highest level) rogue in the organization, but is the one who is both the liaison between the guild and the city government, and the chief administrator of the guild. He is advised and the standard group of captains (in charge of various aspects of the guild's business) and lieutenants (in charge of regions within the city).