Tales of Achar: Usurpers


Casus means "accident, violent death", Letifer means
"death-dealing", and Leto means "to kill, slay" in Latin.

The Slayer, Harbinger of Death

Intermediate Power

Symbol: Fractured skull

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Portfolio: Destruction, slaughter, hate, envy

Worshipers: Barbarians, fighters, rogues, looters, outlaws

Worshippers Align: CE, NE, CN, LE, N

Cleric Align: CE, NE, CN

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery

Favoured Weapon: Warhammer

Superior: Sheol

Allies: Ugra

Foes: Charis, Acharis

Aliases: Letifer, Leto

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Clergy & Temples

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