Tales of Achar: PC: Chipo

Player: Ed

Class: Monk 4 / Psion (Savant) 1

Gender: Female

Race: Gnome

Kastlin Wens was born in a remote village called Vellyn. Most of the villagers were farmers like her parents. Not much happens in Vellyn, but the gnomes always found ways to amuse themselves-often at the expense of another gnome.

When a mysterious man suddenly showed up in the village one day, the gnomes immediately congregated around the stranger, most of whom had never seen a human before. The two days that the stranger stayed in Vellyn almost drove him insane. The gnomes kept asking him questions: "Where did he come from?" "Why was he there?" "How tall is he?" "Can he touch the sky?" Worse than the endless questions were the tricks they played on him. The tricks were harmless to be sure, but annoying nonetheless-at least for a monk who had spent most of his life in a peaceful monastery.

But Wu Fei was sent there for a reason, and it was to seek out Kastlin Wens.

No sooner had he arrived, Wu Fei left Vellyn with Kastlin. Whatever he did, he convinced Kas's parents to let daughter become his disciple and be trained at Tatsudo House in way of the monastery.

The young Kas was obviously excited about her new life. She trained hard at the monastery, and she likes Wu Fei for he had been kind and patient with her. But being the only gnome in mostly human surroundings had its problems. She hates it when the others called her "the tiny one." Kas would explode with anger wrecking havoc on the one who dared to make fun of her.

Of course, Kas doesn't make life easy for herself as she is always pulling pranks on her "brothers" and "sisters". Even Wu Fei himself had been the target of her pranks. But no matter how much Wu Fei disciplined her, Kas would not change. She would always revert back to her gnomish way.

But despite her pranks and tricks, she proved equally adept with the training and mediation. She was one of the best disciples Wu Fei ever had.

When the party arrived at Tatsudo House seeking information, Wu Fei sent Kastlin along with the party to serve two purposes. Firstly, Kas would be able to guide the party with valuable information. Secondly, Kas would gain experience and insight in the land beyond what the monastery can provide. And those experience would propel Kastlin to become much more...

Kastlin's Transformation

As Kas meditated upon her recent experiences, she received a startling revelation as a voice spoke in her mind:

You are discovering your true potential at last. When Wu Fei first brought you to the monastery, I immediately sensed the hidden power within you just as he did. Indeed, this is the reason why he was searching for you.

We at Tatsudo House train not only the body and the mind over the body, but we train the hidden power of the mind as well. All of your brothers and sisters were sought out and brought to the monastery because of their latent psionic abilities. Even with our training, not every trainee develops their hidden powers, so we do not reveal this secret of our order until each trainee's abilities manifest.

I will continue to guide and train you from afar, even as you continue in your journey of self-knowledge. When it is required, I will impart new wisdom and knowledge to you. Know that you go with my blessing, Kastlin, and that my blessing is the gift of the Way of the Dragon. I am not only the Grandmaster of Dragons of our order, but am truly one of the winged kindred, Ching T'ien Lung the emerald dragon.

Now rise and be transformed for you will now be known as Chipo for you are the "gifted one."