Tales of Achar: PC: Dilusan A L'anil

Player: Mark

Class: Rogue 5

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Member of the Faceless Ones (The Guild of Acquisitors and Infiltrators in Achar).

Notes: Jan. 23, 2001

This character is a spy for some kingdom that has lost whatever war while he was in the field. Thus he is now out of work by default. His basic cover is that of a musician (with skill to support that - may have been living off these skills for a while) and will look more like a bard than a rogue. I have selected skills of getting in and out of places undetected. One game question, the PHB claims that the feat of Weapon Finesse is a general skill that anyone can take. The Char Gen v1.2 seems to only allow fighters et al. this feat - unless there is something else amiss, but I think all the prereq's are in order. I assume the PHB overrules this, right? As we talked about before, I should like to investigate this shadow dancer thing more as this spy thing is mearly a starting point.

Some more detail on the spy: general tactic is to make way into enemy kingdom as a travelling entertainer. This can be accomplished either by hooking up with a troupe or band or just by strolling in the front gate (or over the wall as appropriate :) By hanging around, playing, in bars where officers and generals hang out, he's tapped into loose tongues. In some cases infiltrating the royal chambers may be possible if he impresses the right advisors, gets noticed while playing in the street etc. Other missions may simply be to observe troop massings or movements and report back in person or by contacting a spy network.