Tales of Achar: NPCs Encountered



Lareth the Beautiful [image 2] [image 3] male human priest

The Moathouse

On the way...

Delian Thornbush (Ol' Del) male human trapper (hermit)


[?] female human cultist

[?] young blue dragon

[?] male gnoll ranger

[?] gnolls

[?] [?] ghouls & ghasts

Geynor Ton male human cultist

[?] male troglodyte cultist

[?] cockatrice

[?] flying creature

The Village of Hommlet

The Churches

Calmer male human cleric of Acharis (St. Cuthbert)

Canoness Y'dey female human cleric of Acharis (St. Cuthbert)

Derim male human cleric of Acharis (St. Cuthbert)

Jennithar Rhengold female half-elf cleric of Esse Mater (Ehlonna)

Terjon male human cleric of Acharis (St. Cuthbert)

Yether the Keen male human cleric of Charis (Pelor)

Yundi [image 2] male human druid


Elmo male human captain of the militia

Haunor male dwarf security guard for Spugnoir the potion seller

Maridosen female half-elf barkeeper at the Inn of the Welcome Wench

Renne female human daughter of Spugnoir the potion seller

Telna female human cook (caterer)

Vesta Gundigoot female human manager of the Inn of the Welcome Wench

Spugnoir male human wizard (potion seller)

Adventurers / Visitors

Chatrilon Unosh (Chat) [image 2] [image 3] male human rogue

Ingrith female human monk? ranger?

Nierethi Poscurian male gnome historian

Redithidoor Halfmoon [image 2] [image 3] male elf bard (very eager)

Xaod the Slayer male human (part-time) paladin

The City of Achar

City Leaders

Telamon, Patriarch of Achar, male human cleric of Acharis

Elleron, Underpriest of Achar, male human cleric of Acharis

Guild of Acquisitors and Infiltrators

Rogar, Lieutenant of the Faceless Ones, male half-elf Rogue

Laila, Receptionist of the Faceless Ones, female human Rogue


[?] male dao

Geb male dwarf elemental savant (earth) [geomancer]

The Hamlet of Newkeep


Aranda female human elder

Gerd Flintwhisker male dwarf tavernkeeper

Hannah female human old lady; runs the boarding house

Malwick male half-elf constable

Restik male human healer (adept of Acharis)

Temmet male half-elf brewer; sickly & frail

Villian (sort of)

Kyrnyn male human cleric of Acharis (formerly Muck male ettin)

Tatsudo House

Master Ching male human monk; Grand Master of Dragons (in reality, Ching is an emerald dragon, and teaches both the arts of the body and the arts of the mind)

Wu Fei male human monk; instructor

In the Woods by Woodflow


Kobold Encampment

Kobold leaders (2) male kobold warriors

Kobold leaders male kobold adept

Sauraeronax ('Lord Foulgust') green dragon wyrmling

The Settlement of Woodflow

Brom male human reeve of the settlement

Jenna female human wife of Brom

Telda female human elder

Onund male human husband of Telda

Gwen female human daugther of Telda & Onund; garrison soldier at Stormness Keep

Telina female human elder (sister of Telda)

Sven male human husband of Telina

Ingolf male human cleric of Charis

Holine female human cleric of Charis

Jorik male human cleric of Charis

Brak male human constable of the militia

Nacha female human sergeant of the militia

Sala female human sergeant of the militia

Orrin male human militiaman

Katal male human militiaman

Malta female halfling proprietor of the trading post

Alor male half-elf alchemist

Brenner male human woodcutter

Alfida female human wife of Brenner

Thror male human son (4y) of Brenner & Alfida

Hort male human woodcutter

Besma female human wife of Hort

Margita female human daughter (3y) of Hort & Besma

Sharif male human woodcutter

Thorunn female human wife of Sharif

Elrik male human woodcutter

Groa female human wife of Elrik

Hethel male human woodcutter

Sigred male human farmer

Naomi female human wife of Sigred

Erika female human daughter (18y) of Sigred & Naomi

Armod male human son (16y) of Sigred & Naomi

Hap male human farmer

Jamila female human wife of Hap

Frederick male human son (8y) of Hap & Jamila

Ranilla female human daughter (7y) of Hap & Jamila

Bersi male human son (5y) of Hap & Jamila

Murray male human farmer

Jullana female human wife of Murray

Ilia male human son (1y) of Murray & Jullana

Delon male human blacksmith

Gella female human wife of Delon

Karn male human carpenter

Sasha female human potter