Tales of Achar: Player Characters

Aaron Hilton: Cleric of Acharis

Chipo: Monk/Psion (Savant)

Dilusan A L'anil: Rogue

Jarid Wolfblade: Ranger/Sorcerer

Loral Valarion: Wizard

Seledra Valarion: Paladin

How everyone meets:

Aaron is being sent by the Acharian church to investigate (and possibly resolve) the situation at Woodflow. The church hires Dil to act as a scout for Aaron.

Jarid is making his own way to Woodflow to investigate reports of nonhuman raids near the Greenwood. He may not be happy to discover all of the logging that's going on.

Seledra, as a paladin of Charis, is also sent to deal with the situation (from another location). She brings her brother Loral with her.

Aaron and Dil meet the Valarions along the way when they are ambushed by a swarm of gibberlings along the way.