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Mini List: RttToEE: Crater Ridge Mines: Western Bridge Complex (11 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Cult guard (8/16) human War1 banded mail, small wooden shield, bastard sword, longbow GW05-06 Warriors of Middle Earth (LotR)
Deinonychus (2) origami
Descritad F halfling Rog3/Bbn3 chain shirt, scimitar RR02110
Darby Darkleaf (Halfling)
D'Gran M half-demon/half-ogre mage chain shirt, greatsword, longbow, gauntlets, green kilt, wide belt with copper plates, Fire Temple symbol; "D'Gran has long, curved horns, blue-black scales that cover about 2/3 of his body, and piercing yellow eyes." RR14028
Balrog Demon
Gargoyle Leader
Giant, hill (1/2) WOC40020
Hill Giant
Hill Giant
Blorg Mudstump, Hill Giant
Gnoll (6/12) M gnoll scale, large shield, battleaxe, shortbow origami

Heunar M half-orc Wiz4 quarterstaff, wand WH8542E Savage Orc Shaman
Orc Druid
Krall M troll Ftr2 half-plate, two-bladed sword RR02416
Cave Troll
Slaazh M troll Ftr2 chainmail, large shield, greatsword RR02416
Cave Troll
Tippesh F human Evo6 slippers, dagger (2) RR02030
Sarah the Seeress