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Mini List: RttToEE: Crater Ridge Mines: Random (16 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Arrowhawk, adult origami
Celestial Eagle
[needs modification]
Carrion crawler (1-2) origami
Carrion Crawler
Centipede, huge monstrous (1-4) origami
Cult cleric M/F human Clr4 full plate, large shield, morningstar, light crossbow GW05-06 Warriors of Middle Earth (LotR)
Cult guard (2-5 or 3-8) M human War1 banded mail, small wooden shield, bastard sword, longbow GW05-06 Warriors of Middle Earth (LotR)
Darkmantle (2-5) origami
Gelatinous cube clear rubber block
clear rubber block
Gnoll (3-6) M gnoll scale, large shield, battleaxe, shortbow origami

Gray ooze origami
Grick (1-3) origami