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Mini List: RttToEE: The Inner and Outer Fanes: The Outer Fane (45 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Troll WOC40052
River Troll
Marsh Troll
Ukemil M troglodyte Clr5/Rog4 demonic right leg (long and agile), robes, leather armour, short sword, potion, scroll, javelin (2), curved knife, key, holy symbol (obex) WOC88288
Troglodyte w/ Long Spear
Troglodyte w/ Long Spear
Varachan M elf Clr12 full plate, cloak, wand (2), potion, scroll, heavy mace, large shield, light crossbow, bolts, key RR02032
Unthar, God's Hand
Victor M half-elf Rog5/Asn4 rapier, chainmail, buckler, light crossbow, bolts, cloak, potion RR02618
Elbreth Eveningstar
Vister F elf Pal7 no equipment (prisoner) RR02571
Telemnar Dawntreader, Elf Warrior