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Mini List: RttToEE: The Inner and Outer Fanes: The Black Spike (16 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Augury of Change skeleton (human) black robe, large playing cards, seated behind violet stone altar origami
Ghost with Sword
[needs modification]
Erdso M human Mnk8 none (prisoner) RR02584
Townsfolk II
Festalon Girrot M elf Clr7 (Esse Mater / Ehlonna) none (prisoner) GW05-06 Warriors of Middle Earth (LotR)
First, The M human Clr10/Doomdreamer5 greater tentacle rod, full plate, large steel shield, amulet, helmet, cloak, necklace (beads), torch, thurible (incence burner), potion, ring, holy symbol (obex) CM88550
Ahmut Human Shadow Priest
Golem, stone "...a strange statue of black and purple stone. Relatively formless, it appears to be a 9-foot-tall mass of writing serpents, tentacles or thick ropes."
"...it animates,taking on a vaguely humanoid form amid the tentacles..."
Jear F orc none (prisoner)
Night hag (2) F night hag RR02520
Troll Matron
Orge Trooper
Troll Matron
Quasits (4) RR02427
Blood Imps (3)
Tamme F human Com2 none (prisoner) RR02584
Townsfolk II
Third, The F half-air elemental/half-human Clr8/Doomdreamer5 heavy flail, bracers, amulet, ring, torch, thurible (incence burner), earring, holy symbol (obex) RR02504
Bria, Female Necromancer
[needs modification]