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Mini List: RttToEE: The Recovered Temple: The Dungeon (26 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Slaves (10/30) hobgoblin unarmed
Smigmal Redhand F half-orc Ftr5/Rog2/Asn7 ring (2), poison, chain shirt, amulet, potion (4), dagger, greatsword, scroll (2), key WOC40091
Female Human Barbarian
Female Human Barbarian
Susain Carun F human Rog2/Clr8/ Doomdreamer3 lesser tentacle rod, leather armour, ring (3), torch, purple robe, holy symbol (obex), robes, key RR02504
Bria, Female Necromancer
Lathata, Female Sorceress
[needs modification]
Thuchos Nalred M human Clr9/Doomdreamer3 heavy mace, full plate, large steel shield, amulet, helmet, torch, potion, scroll, holy symbol (obex), robes, key RR02032
Unthar, God's Hand
Trond M ogre Bbn6 huge heavy flail, huge shortspear (2), chain shirt, eyes (glasses), potion RR02288
Garnuk the Ogre
Workers (6/9) ogre