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Mini List: Bastion of Broken Souls: Part One: A Mystery: Scene 5: Guild of Sleep (9 entries)

Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Bodyguards elf Com1-5 (6)
Dreamborn Dire Tigers (3) origami
Sabertooth Tiger
Dreamborn Winged Triceratops origami
Dreamer Prime F night hag Sor16 ring (2) RR02520
Troll Matron
Dreamer Prime (Dream Image) F human (night hag) Sor16 bright yellow clothing, ring (2) RR02141
Alexis Spellsinger
Rousers elf Com3 (3)
Sleep Golem iron golem (2/10) origami
Sleepers mixed humanoid races Com1-5 (20)
Sleepers human Ari5 (3)