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Mini List: The Banewarrens: Chapter 3: The Broken Seal (12 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Derimach F lamia potion RP01-039
Lion Centaurs
Ghouls, flayed (4) CM88380
Ghouls and Ghast (3)
Goblins (4) short sword, studded leather armour, large wooden shield, shortbow, arrows CM88120
Goblin Trooper (2)
Goblin Warband (4)
Griman Inneston F human War2/Rog2 breastplate, longsword, hat of disguise RR02047
Samantha of the Blade
Ios M minotaur War1 huge greatsword, bone ring, potions (2) WotC-Ar59
Young Minotaur
MINOTAUR 2 (1 mini)
Iron Golem 12 feet tall RR02728
Iron Golem
Kalerecent M half-elf Pal8 greatsword, full plate armour, potion RR02662
Amanthas Greyleaf, Elven Hero
Teilbarith Starlook M halfling Rog6 leather armour, daggers (2), shortbow, arrows, bag, potions (4), theives' tools RR02099
Dar Dimplefoot (Halfling)
Fitch Coincatcher (Halfling Thief)
Thought Stalker "looks like a troll with dark blue-black flesh, long black hair, glowing yellow eyes" WOC40052
Cave Troll
Verochin M lamia Mnk1 bracers, ring, bone ring, potions (4) RP01-039
Lion Centaurs