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Mini List: The Banewarrens: Chapter 8: The Inner Vaults (24 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Avach Ur-Tesstrin M human Ftr5/Eldritch Warrior 4 bastard sword, breastplate, composite longbow, arrows, amulet, potions (4), dagger, torches (6), flask, tindertwigs (5), thunderstone
Banebrutes (12/20) "muscular humanoids with gray leathery skin and sunken white eyes"
Black Pudding, fiendish WotC-Ar42
Ochre Jelly
Blue Slaad WotC-GoL41
Blue Slaad
Karoak, Toad Demon
Callin M astral deva trumpet WotC-GoL11
Helgert Hume F human War3 longspear, breastplate, large steel shield, heavy crossbow, bolts, lantern, tindertwigs (3)
Hound Archons (4) WotC-H07
Hound Archon
Lammasu, stone
Li (disguised as 'Thamas') M human long dark hair, baggy clothing
Moston Ferelurth M human Clr4 large wooden shield, chainmail, heavy mace, pearl, potion, light crossbow, bolts, holy symbol, vials of holy water (4)