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Mini List: The Banewarrens: Chapter 8: The Inner Vaults (24 entries)

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Name Description Outfit Chartam's Choice WotC Official Value Option Quality Option
Red Slaad RR02570
Karoak, Toad Demon
Saarachk M aranea Sor9 wand, horn, bone ring, ring, scroll, platinum ring with onyx, portable portal
Saggarintys M adult silver dragon
Sharah Nestor F human Pal7 full plate armour, battleaxe, large steel shield, potions (2), vials of holy water (3), daggers (2), rope
Skeletal Warriors skeleton Ftr8 full plate armour, greatsword, helm, key
Spectres (3)
Teeth-Spitting Skeletons (12)
The Betrayed M vampire (human) Clr
Vaesillian Moonheart M elf Pal4/Sor2 studded leather armour, wand, falchion, longspear, lantern
Vallacor M minor lich Sor8 wand, cloak, bead, ring, scrolls (3)